333 County Road 557, Farmersville, TX 75442

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Alhamdulillah, Farmersville Muslim Cemetery (FMC) is only 2-3 weeks away from its completion. Insha Allah, we are expecting it to be operational in the month of March-2021.  

The estimated total cost of Construction, Payment to Architects and Engineers was $2.8 million. Alhamdulillah, with the help and contributions of you all we have paid $2.2 million to the contractors. We have $100,000 left in the bank and need $500,000 to finish the project.   

Remember, it is a Sadaq-e-Jaria project for all of us in the community. We know you all have contributed towards the project in the past, we are requesting one more time to contribute whatever you can towards the project to take your Farmersville Muslim Cemetery (FMC) project to the finish line.   

May Allah (SWT) reward you, your families for your generosity and keep you safe and healthy – Ameen